Abandoned Resort Leaves Behind A Legacy Of Faded Luxury [Pics]

Abandoned Resort Leaves Behind A Legacy Of Faded Luxury [Pics]

1,200-acre site outside New York is an urban explorers dream come true.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 january 2014

Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel started life as a tiny boarding house in 1914, but eventually grew to become a huge 1,200-acre site complete with its own landing strip and post office. Since its demise in the mid ’80s, the luxurious getaway destination northwest of New York City has taken on a whole new identity as an urban explorer’s fantasy land.

Much of the resort has been demolished or picked clean over the years, with most of the cabins and cottages that dot the grounds unsafe to enter due to rotted floorboards and non-existent roofs. The old hotel has been torn apart, every bit of copper and steel plucked from its walls, and every one of the bathrooms smashed apart.


There are some well-preserved features as well, such as the Natatorium, which has since come to resemble a greenhouse thanks to ferns that sprout up from between cracked terra cotta tiles, and a pool that teems with plant life even in the dead of winter.

See for yourself some of the strange and surreal sights that used to be known as Grossinger’s:

Source: Gothamist

Images: Pablo Maurer/@MLSist 

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