Street Art Relives Abandoned Store’s Glory Days [Pics]

Street Art Relives Abandoned Store’s Glory Days [Pics]

Artist’s new project is the epitome of old meets new.

Lara Piras
  • 9 january 2014

Local street artist Christopher Kameck is bringing back the original advertisements of the now abandoned AM&A’s department store in downtown Buffalo to try to revive the downtown area.


Kameck uses wheatpastes to put up his own interpretations of vintage catalog images over the windows of the store, where their ads used to hang many years ago. The artist’s intricate work and careful placement of the ads has tricked many of the state’s citizens and journalists into thinking the classic ads have been unveiled after all these years.


Kameck explains, “It’s about getting people to look at downtown as a walkable place again where people come down to live and shop.”


Kameck’s work isn’t simply a display of what once was, the work has hidden and very thought-felt meaning; it can be described as an urban intervention, by using the leftover ads to call for the rebirth of the downtown area and envisioning what the area could look like if restored to its original grandeur.

Source, Images: Atlantic Cities 

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