Design App Lets People Add Virtual Furniture To Their Living Room [Video]

Design App Lets People Add Virtual Furniture To Their Living Room [Video]

Adornably lets users play around with potential purchases in a photorealistic manner.

Serena Chu
  • 6 january 2014

Staging the perfect living space can be troublesome; you need to factor in different aspects of design techniques and style options, but imagine if there was a way to see the furniture in your home before you make the final commitment. Similar to IKEA’s augmented reality appAdornably does just that.

Expanding the concept that IKEA’s pioneered, entrepreneur Marc Lebovitz centered his new startup, Adornably, around a very unique iPad app, which lets users scale a virtual image of the room, design it and bring it to life.

adorably 2

To introduce a new piece of furniture into the room, just lay down any magazine on the floor and Adornably will automatically adjust it in an augmented space. When asked why a magazine serves as the main feature of the interface, Levovitz said:

Ultimately a magazine was chosen because we wanted it to be something accessible that people could just pick up and use, there are natural synergies with those interested in design having magazines for inspiration, and the size is small enough to be non-intrusive in a picture but big enough to be recognized well in the space.

The product catalog now includes signature pieces from Stanely, Vanguard and Theodore Alexander, but more manufacturers will be added in the future. While the main focus of Adornably is the home, decorative elements, such as textiles and wall art, will eventually become a part of the product categories.

By overcoming the barriers often associated with the purchasing of large items, Adornably offers consumers an interactive shopping experience in a photorealistic manner, allowing them to explore their creativity and style without any restrictions.

To see how you can work Adornably into your home redecoration, check out the video below. If you decide this app is for you, you can try it here.


Source, Image: Co Exist

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