Adult-Sized Toy Brings A Childhood Relic To The Road [Video]

Adult-Sized Toy Brings A Childhood Relic To The Road [Video]
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This toy car can reach 100km/h in a tidy 17 seconds.

Serena Chu
  • 31 january 2014

Growing up doesn’t mean saying good-bye to your favorite toys, nor does it limit you from reliving your cherished childhood memories. British mechanic John Bitmead proved to us that you can be a kid at heart and still enjoy some grown-up fun. On a whim, he and a few of his friends built a functional, adult-sized replica of a Little Tikes car, a classic toy powered by children’s feet.

Bitmead acquired a Daewoo Matiz and used it as the framework for the car. Clocking in about 1,000 hours, the team spent most of their time doing bodywork and making mechanical improvements.

This adorable automobile is fitted with an 800cc engine, which allows it reach a top speed of 112km/h. It can go from 0km/h to 100km/h in a short 17 seconds.

Featuring a working gas tank, airbag, headlights, it is no wonder that this car costed a whopping $66,000 to build, definitely not a small price for such a small car – but the two extra large cup-holders probably take the edge off right?

Bitmean took the car out for a test drive and was surprised by people’s level of admiration. They were smiling and taking photos of the yellow and red car as it sped its way down streets. Bitmean has high hopes of creating another miniaturized car, which he says could only cost  £8,000.

Check out the sweet ride below!

Source: Carsguide


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