Lingerie Ads Do Away With Photoshopping And Body Shaming [Pics]

Lingerie Ads Do Away With Photoshopping And Body Shaming [Pics]

Aerie's ad campaign helps young women build self-confidence.

Serena Chu
  • 22 january 2014

American Eagle’s subsidiary store Aerie has launched the “Aerie Real” campaign which features beautiful, young models unairbrushed and unphotoshopped. The goal of this campaign is to “[challenge] supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models in their latest collection of bras, undies and apparel.”


With most of their customers between the ages of 15-21, Aerie wants to help girls build self-confidence, freeing them from the fashion world’s skewed perception of beauty and helping them feel good about their bodies. While the models are still more slender than the average American, these natural photo shoots hit closer to home because they capture every curve, wrinkle and tattoo on the model’s body, showing that there is no set standard of what makes a woman beautiful.

Already going viral on social media, “Aerie Real” is the first of many unretouched campaigns for the company.


Source: Huffington Post, Buzzfeed

Images: Huffington Post

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