Public WiFi Hotspot Allows Businesses To Earn Money From Ads

Public WiFi Hotspot Allows Businesses To Earn Money From Ads

Airfy is a public WiFi hotspot that gives free Internet access in exchange for hosting ads.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 january 2014

Airfy is a beautifully-designed, secure, public WiFi hotspot that provides free Internet access thanks to sponsored ads.

Dubbed by its creators as the world’s first smart WiFi hotspot, the device is a 802.11 N & AC router that is great for the home or small business.

At home, owners and their friends can use the Airfy WiFi hotspot with their own personal Airfy accounts. The device also has 50 controllable LED lights that owners can program to light up whenever something happens to their digital accounts, like when the user receives an email or a Facebook notification.



The device is also a Bluetooth Beacon, allowing owners to receive mobile payments in a shop, cafe or restaurant. Airfy can also provide WiFi for customers if they watch a sponsored ad, and the device’s owners would earn a percentage every time a customer clicks on these ads.

Airfy’s Indiegogo campaign has already exceeded its goal, with over ten days to go. As part of their stretch goals the creators will add cameras and sensors so that the Airfy can also be used as a home security device.

For more about Airfy, watch the video below.


Source: TechCrunch

Images: Airfy

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