Anti-Loyalty Card Helps Indie Coffee Shops Team Up Against Starbucks

Anti-Loyalty Card Helps Indie Coffee Shops Team Up Against Starbucks
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DC baristas form an alliance to encourage local business and reward their supporters.

Ross Brooks
  • 14 january 2014

Founded by two baristas, the DC Disloyalty Card gives people in the area a chance to support locally-owned coffee shops, and fight back against mega corporations like Starbucks. The incentive is simple; buy a coffee from each of six participating local shops and your seventh one will be free. The hope is that people will venture out of their comfort zone to try new coffee blends, explore different areas of town, and ultimately, support local businesses.


“The card is a fun way to get baristas and customers talking with each other,” said Dawn Shanks, a Peregrine Espresso barista who devised the program with coworker Christy Pelton. “It also reflects the connection all the individual shops have with one another – the coffee community is a supportive and close-knit group.”

If you feel like fighting back and earning some disloyalty points, you can get involved at any of these coffee shops:

  • Peregrine Espresso
  • Blind Dog Cafe
  • La Mano
  • Filter Coffeehouse
  • The Coffee Bar
  • Chinatown Coffee Co.

DC Disloyalty Card

Source: WashingtonPost

Image: Flickr

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