Illustrated Alphabet Creates A City Out Of Architectural Language [Pics]

Illustrated Alphabet Creates A City Out Of Architectural Language [Pics]

This quixotic city-in-a-poster makes an alphabet out of unusually shaped buildings that look like they could have been designed by the famous architects.

Rachel Pincus
  • 10 january 2014

You may know the styles of the world’s most famous architects, but can you match them with their names? Barcelona-based illustrator Federico Babina’s architectural illustration projects, like his 8-bit portraits of architects, are as fun for architecture nerds as they are educational for newcomers. The intricately detailed visual language of ‘Archibet‘, which was assembled using techniques ranging from 3D modeling to simple hand drawing, displays an in-depth understanding of all the diverse paths and processes that got these luminaries to where they are today. They may have come from all corners of the globe, but the universal language that has brought them together is architecture.

In a celebration of the loopy possibilities of illustration, each ‘building’ is an amalgam of all the specific features (and sometimes entire buildings) that make each architect’s style unique. Babina, however, is most excited about the way the buildings work together on the poster where they co-exist. Each one is “a small surrealist building that becomes part of an imaginary city made up of different shapes and styles, all speaking the same language of architecture,” he told Dezeen.

Choosing the architects was difficult for Babina – there are many lesser-known names in addition to the big power players – but the most important factor for him was how each architect’s style fit into his “imaginary world.” The individual letters or the entire set can be purchased as posters, where they can serve as a daily reminder in your home of the power of ideas that may seem unfeasible.

Federico Babina

Source: Dezeen

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