AR App Lets Potential Buyers Explore Apartments Without Stepping Inside [Video]

AR App Lets Potential Buyers Explore Apartments Without Stepping Inside [Video]

Inition's cost-efficient realtor tool makes arranging remote property investments effortless.

Serena Chu
  • 22 january 2014

With hopes of manipulating an augmented reality to ease the minds of cautious property investors, London-based 3D technology company Inition created a real estate app that will provide potential buyers with visual plans of buildings under development without the need to visit in-person. The specially designed AR app lets people explore the building by hovering an iPad over a special floor plan drawing, out of which pops an interactive 3D model of the building shot from the viewer’s perspective. The models come to life because the iPad app will scan for pieces of tracker information that have been encoded directly into the floor plan booklets.

Lindsay McGinn, Director of Creative Marketing, SDG said “It’s as a very cost-effective way of presenting projects. The AR has helped our client visualize the property, from thousands of miles away, and with the opportunity to explore the plans in great detail. A greater understanding of the unit plans is possible and therefore is a great sales tool.”

Instead of transporting large architectural models from place to place, an agent can simply pack a catalog into his briefcase along with an iPad and he will be all set to go. This effective and extremely cost-efficient tool is a huge game changer for realtors and developers because the app not only highlights key exterior features of the building, but interior features can also be added to form an elaborate display model.

See how the app turns a 2D floor plan into an elaborate 3D architectural model below.



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