Augmented TV Brings “Minority Report” Tech Into The Living Room [CES 2014]

Augmented TV Brings “Minority Report” Tech Into The Living Room [CES 2014]

Interactive TV just got a whole lot better.

Lara Piras
  • 10 january 2014

Recently launched at CES 2014, SeeSpace, the company that aims to revolutionize the way we engage with our televisions has created InAiR — a way to simultaneously watch and research TV via one device and on one screen.

The concept involves augmented technology that analyzes the content that the user is watching on TV, which then superimposes related content from the Internet over the existing picture. For those viewers with a 3D TV, the layers also appear to float in space in between them and their TV screens revealing a more interactive and intuitive TV experience. Therefore if someone is watching sports for examples, users could look up further information on where the event is taking place, information on the tracks or grounds and stats on the players all vastly enhancing their viewing experience.

One of the key selling points however will be the ‘minority report’ feature. As opposed to having to use a mouse or keyboard to navigate content, users have two options; they can either work the adapter through their Android or iOS mobile device using its screen as a track pad or take it to the next level by using gesture control via a Kinect or Leap device. This is exactly what makes this idea so exciting and futuristic, see the concept come to life in the video below:

SeeSpace are launching a Kickstarter page later this month and will be available to pre-order for $99 later this year.

Images: CNET

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