Barilla Envisions A World Of 3D-Printed Pasta Restaurants

Barilla Envisions A World Of 3D-Printed Pasta Restaurants

Penne and rigatoni could soon come in many more shapes and sizes thanks to potential new technology.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 january 2014

Barilla is the world’s leading pasta producer, and they’ve been working hard over the past two years with a Dutch research company called TNO to try and create the perfect 3D-printer for pasta. If the printers became a regular feature of restaurants around the world, it could mean dishes that feature pasta of all shapes and sizes.

“Suppose it’s your 25th wedding anniversary,” Kjeld van Bommel, project leader at TNO, was quoted as telling the Dutch newspaper Trouw. “You go out for dinner and surprise your wife with pasta in the shape of a rose.” He also noted that speed was an important aspect of the project. Barilla want a machine that can print 15-20 pieces of pasta in under two minutes, which looks promising considering the fact it’s possible to print 10 times as quickly as when the technology first arrived.


According to reports, Barilla also aims to offer customers cartridges of dough that can be inserted into a 3D printer to create their own pasta designs. The company that as of now this is nothing more than a projection, especially as after two years, the project is still in a “preliminary phase,” according to The Guardian.

While there will be restaurants that want to offer customized pasta once the technology is available commercially, it would also mean relying on Barilla’s pasta cartridges because the printer can’t use a simple flour-and-egg mixture. There will also be establishments that reject the technology outright, especially those that want to maintain a “traditional” experience for their customers.


Barilla / TNO

Source: Geek, The Guardian

Images: GeekBarilla

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