Connected Crock-Pot Introduces The Kitchen Of The Future [CES 2014]

Connected Crock-Pot Introduces The Kitchen Of The Future [CES 2014]

WeMo technology lets you remotely control your slow cooker from a mobile phone.

Jaymar Cabebe
  • 8 january 2014


Recently unveiled at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, consumer electronics company Belkin has partnered with Jarden Consumer Solutions to create the We-Mo Crock-Pot Slow Cooker.

This connected appliance is the first smartphone controllable slow cooker, which allows you to adjust temperature, change cooking times, and check the status of your dish, all while you’re out and about. With the help of Belkin’s WeMo mobile app — available on both iOS and Android — you can even receive reminders and kill the appliance’s power remotely if need be.

As you can imagine, this sort of on-the-go control of a cooking appliance makes it possible to more safely cook meals while you’re away, and it’s likely to be a hit among busy parents.

While the “smart”slow cooker is indeed a convenient kitchen appliance, the bigger story here is its underlying WeMo technology, which is already being used to control household items like light bulbs remotely.

Belkin WeMo Smartphone App

Belkin is obviously pouring a lot of resources into this platform, and it appears to be paying off. The company’s partnership with Jarden Consumer Solutions (makers of a number of home appliances) opens the door to future collaborations that may bring us connected air purifiers, space heaters, coffee makers, and more.

Perhaps the fully connected home isn’t so far off after all. The Wemo-enabled Crock-Pot slow cooker will be available in Spring of 2014.

Sources: Belkin, Engadget
Images: Belkin

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