Biometric App Unlocks Phones With People’s Ears

Biometric App Unlocks Phones With People’s Ears

PIN codes and fingerprints are no longer necessary to gain access to your devices.

Serena Chu
  • 23 january 2014

The way we unlock our phones are no longer limited to simple passwords or PIN codes. Wristbands that authenticate users’ identity by their cardiac rhythm, like the new device developed by Bionym, are enhancing personal security. Following the biometrics trend, Descartes Biometrics is introducing Ergo, an app that unlocks people’s smartphones based on their facial features and ear positions.

The way Ergo works is by recognizing a combination of cues related to the angle that a phone is being held at when its owner answers a call and how their ears and cheeks press against the touchscreen. Ergo works with what’s already available on the smartphone, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

While this type of biometric authentication is meant to simplify the way we unlock our phones, the technique still has some rough edges that need to be worked out before ultimately replacing fingerprint and PIN code unlocks.

Ergo is available for Andriod devices, and can be downloaded for $3,99 here.


Source: Popsci

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