Tracking Tags Send Alerts Before Items Are Misplaced

Tracking Tags Send Alerts Before Items Are Misplaced
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A Bluetooth-powered tracking device made specially for your phone and wallet.

Serena Chu
  • 7 january 2014

Keeping track of cellphones, keys and other personal items just got a whole lot easier with Bringrr, a Bluetooth-enabled tracking piece that will sound an alarm if any valuable item is missing before you hit the road. Upon entering your car, Bringrr will send out signals scanning the proximity to locate devices you know you’re going to need. The Bringrr receiver can then be plugged in and will double as a charger.

Bringrr is specifically for your phone, but can help you locate items like wallets, bags, and electronic devices without Bluetooth. The startup company is also introducing Bringtags which are bit-sized keychain pieces that work alongside the pairing app to create an intricate communications network, reminding you to double-check for your daily gear.


Outside of the car, BringTags help you find any misplaced items within a range of 50-150ft, you can follow the trail of sound the app will trigger in the tags to locate items.

This Kickstarter project is still in the funding stages, but given the level of attention and the usefulness of the tool, more people are bound to make use of its features. Early campaign pledgers will receive a Bringrr and a couple of BringTags. If you have a habit of leaving behind your phone, definitely don’t miss out on this convenient device.


Source, image: Kickstarter

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