Ceiling-Mounted Furniture Creates A Cat Heaven In The Air [Pics]

Ceiling-Mounted Furniture Creates A Cat Heaven In The Air [Pics]
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Goldtatze creates handcrafted designer climbing furniture that keeps feline pets off of the floor.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 15 january 2014

German company Goldtatze makes handcrafted designer cat furniture that are mounted on the ceiling and walls — creating a climbing heaven for the owner’s feline household members.

Goldtatze, which is German for “gold paw,” was founded by Stefan Hofmann who started creating the furniture for his cat Mowgli.


The line of furniture includes ceiling-mounted bridges and beds, wall-mounted perches, climbing trees and poles, scratching poles, and more.

The furniture is designed to give indoor pets their own space, off of the floor, and keep them happy and content in an urban home setting.

Scroll through some of the Goldtatze line in the gallery below.



Source: iO9

Images: Goldtatze

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