Chrome Experiment Builds Virtual Lego Worlds On Top Of Google Maps [Video]

Chrome Experiment Builds Virtual Lego Worlds On Top Of Google Maps [Video]

A new channel for LEGO-builders lets them explore their architectural talent.

Serena Chu
  • 29 january 2014

Google partnered with Lego to introduce “Build With Chrome,” a digital platform where people can test the limits of their LEGO-architectural creativity. LEGO buildings that are crafted using the WebGL-based interface can be placed in real-world locations via Google Maps.


To access the newly added features of this digital Lego world, users can login into their Google+ account and click on the “start building” button located on the site. Big or small, completed builds can be shared among circles, making for an interesting way to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. People can also browse through finished builds with the new categorization system, which sorts and filters the creations based on their specific structures.

If having an endless supply of LEGO blocks online is not enough, Google even developed a touchscreen version for people who want to have a more “hands-on” feel. The phone and tablet platform is supported by same WebGL 3D technology software, and illustrates animation in high-quality graphics.

To test out Google’s newest browser experiment, you can click here and start your own project. Below is the promo video for the digital platform, check it out!

“Build With Chrome”

Images: CNET

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