Art-Streaming Service Turns TV Sets Into Classical Masterpieces

Art-Streaming Service Turns TV Sets Into Classical Masterpieces

Artkick displays famous paintings and photos onto Internet-connected televisions.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 january 2014

Artkick is a startup that lets people use their iPhone or Android device as a remote to select still images or slideshows of art works to display on their smart TVs or streaming player.

It is basically a free app that lets users stream famous paintings on their internet-connected televisions.

The images are publicly-available images sourced from international museums, NASA, and the Library of Congress. Artkick organizes and formats these images to make it easier for users to choose among them. The images of the art pieces are also categorized to make selection and discovery easy.


Users can control what is displayed on their internet-connected TVs with their smart devices. Information about the art can be found on the user’s device so they can learn about art any day.

Users can also create their own viewlists and share them with friends.

Artkick aims to create more awareness and appreciation for the arts. CEO and founder Sheldon Laube also hopes to one day license copyrighted modern art on TV channels — creating a sort of “HBO for art.”



Source: FastCo

Images: Artkick

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