Playing Cards For Designers Replace Suits With Color Codes [Pics]

Playing Cards For Designers Replace Suits With Color Codes [Pics]
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Designed by Hundred Million, the cards feature the four ink colors with each one a variation of tone, from lighter to darker gradients.

Emma Hutchings
  • 29 january 2014

Designed by UK studio Hundred Million, the CMYK Playing Cards feature the four ink colors used in printed media (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) instead of the suits found in a traditional deck. The numbers on each card were swapped for a percentage of ink on the surface, with a variation in tone from lighter to darker gradients. They write on their Kickstarter page:

The cards are just as useful as traditional printed styles, AND perhaps most importantly, all niche and only understood by people who are in our little design world. We’ve tried explaining the cards to people outside the industry and were met with almost perfect poker face expressions.

Playing Cards For Creatives Replace Suits With CMYK Colors [Pics]

Hundred Million combined the opacities of ink with an anti-design rule, which means the only decoration is crop marks and registration bleeds usually unseen in the post-production world.

The playing cards are made from German black-core paper, with a linen finish, uniform back face design, and matte laminated card tuck box. The £3,000 Kickstarter goal has already been almost doubled and you can pre-order a pack of CMYK cards from the crowdfunding site for £9. Click through to see images of the cards:

CMYK Playing Cards

Sources: Hundred Million, Kickstarter

Images: Hundred Million, Kickstarter

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