Color-Changing Lamp Sets The Mood

Color-Changing Lamp Sets The Mood
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Ambient lighting that doubles as an alarm clock and provides illumination therapy.

Ross Brooks
  • 7 january 2014

The perfect mood lighting doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you’re using the simple, sleek and colorful smartphone-powered lamp known as Holi. There are three options at your disposal: Pick an ambient theme that controls the lights and colors automatically; program your own; or let the device move along to some music that you selected on your iOS device.

Apart from ambient lighting, you can also use Holi to wake you up in the morning. Unlike a traditional alarm clock which jerks you out of dreamland, the lamp will gradually brighten to make sure you wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. Other features include light therapy, and notifications when you have a call or message.


Even though the lamp is already available in Europe, those of you in the US will have to hold out until March before you can get your hands on one of the devices. Holi currently sells for €199 on their European site, which would put the US version somewhere around $270 when it does arrive.


Source: The Verge

Images: Holi

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