Conductive Paper Creates Touch-Sensitive Objects [Video]

Conductive Paper Creates Touch-Sensitive Objects [Video]
Design & Architecture

Touch-sensitive textiles make it easy to creative interactive real-world objects.

Ross Brooks
  • 23 january 2014

When you hear the term “printed electronic components,” you probably also think of words like inflexible, unattractive, and fragile. Thanks to a new cuttable multi-touch sensor which allows for ad-hoc customization, your perception of what can be achieved when you combine textiles and electronics is unlikely to ever be the same again.

The team’s working prototype can be cut by the end-user to modify its size and shape; a very direct manipulation which allows you to easily create real-world objects and surfaces that are touch-sensitive. You can use the paper to augment physical prototypes, or add an entirely new dimension to your paper craft.


A set of technical principles for the design of printable circuitry is provided to make the sensor more robust against cuts, damages and removed areas. This includes novel physical topologies that underwent a technical evaluation to prove that the sensor remained functional when cut to a different shape.

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