Modern Pinhole Camera Can Be Customized To Look Like An SLR

Modern Pinhole Camera Can Be Customized To Look Like An SLR

A DIY Camera Kit that gives professional and amatuer photographers a chance to assemble unique devices.

Serena Chu
  • 2 january 2014

At a time when the maker movement seems to be at its peak, Michael Kenney’s Original Pin project marks a merger between amusing, interactive entertainment and pinhole camera technology.

Original Pin is a customizable, flat-pack camera that can be assembled to fit your personality. You can mix and match the different parts to create a one-of-a-kind camera that is both durable and functional. Along with its unique characteristics, the kit doubles as an educational jig-saw puzzle, breaking down the complex photographic concepts of pinhole technology into digestible content.

If you decide to become a “basic” pledgee, you will receive a set of camera body parts, a faceplate, a shutter, and a lens kit. Basic instructions will be included in the box, but what you do with the small pieces of wood will solely be up to you. Developed pictures taken with the kit will not feature the same clarity as shots taken with a standard digital camera, but the joy of building your own device will surely make up for that.

Take a look at how Kenney came up with the idea and how you can help make it a reality:

Original Pin


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