Furniture Collection Puts Design Choices In The Hands Of The Owner [Pics]

Furniture Collection Puts Design Choices In The Hands Of The Owner [Pics]
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Designer, Michael Bernard, has developed a line of minimalist furniture consisting of basic components that are easily customizable.

Alan Khanukaev
  • 2 january 2014

Berlin-based industrial designer, Michael Bernard, has developed a unique take on the concept of furniture assembly. His minimalist collection doesn’t include a catalog or even a set of predesigned pieces. Instead, the line consists simply of design components like stackable feet and wooden boards that can be easily assembled into endless configurations.

One item, the Nooks Shelf System, is essentially a series of customizable brackets that can be assembled without tools in a variety of combinations to build everything from individual storage compartments to an entire shelving system, and can even be used to create seating, if you happen to be so inclined. Compatible with almost any kind of board, the Nooks system is ecological, economical, and adjusts to fit your specific needs.


This theme of simplicity and sustainability is applied throughout the rest of Bernard’s pieces. The Leviathan table consist of nothing more than wire-tubing legs that can clip on any basic table top


The Trestle Bed uses similar wire-tubing feet that conform to the measurements of standard bed frames for easy assembly.


The AdHoc lamp take the concept a step further and provides only a head and base, the body of the lamp can be any object the user desires that can fit through the lamp’s openings.


This line comes at a time when we’re seeing quite a bit innovation in the areas of self assemble and easily portable furniture. Click through the gallery below to see more of Michael Bernard’s designs.


Michael Bernard

Source: Michael Bernard, Design Milk, Trend Buyers
Images: Michael Bernard

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