Chandelier Displays World Data Sets With Blinking Lights [Video]

Chandelier Displays World Data Sets With Blinking Lights [Video]
Design & Architecture

Illuminated map of the world makes this database-powered ceiling fixture one-of-a-kind.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 january 2014

The chandelier that hangs from the ceiling in the lobby of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is unlike any other. 425 hanging pendants form a map of the world when viewed from below, a map which is able to illustrate global data statistics such as GDP growth rate, renewable water resources, and energy consumption.

Specific lighting animations correspond to different data sets that are updated on an annual or quarterly basis. In addition, CSIS can highlight regions of the map that correspond with international developments or events within the building. The entire system is automated, and links to web-based data that allows for dynamically built animations.


To create such an impressive overhead attraction required the services of Sosolimited, who partnered with Hypersonic Engineering & DesignPlebian Design, and Chris Parlato to design, program, and fabricate the one-of-a-kind chandelier.

Don’t miss out on the mid-air map in the video below:


Source: Creative Applications

Images: Sosolimited


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