PSFK’s Trending Topic: Fictional Worlds Reimagined As Digital Playgrounds

PSFK’s Trending Topic: Fictional Worlds Reimagined As Digital Playgrounds

Artists and designers are coming up with new ways to re-create different fantasy worlds.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 30 january 2014

Not satisfied with the dreamlike qualities inherent in fiction, artists and designers are taking imaginary worlds to a new level. From an anime world that recreates Minecraft as a 3D art space to LEGO that mimics the Simpson’s set in painstaking detail, these projects take the original ideas to a new dimension. Digital storytelling has opened new doors for the publishing industry and also created new opportunities for writers and creatives to produce new types of work.

Take a look at some of these re-imagined fantasy worlds below.


Minecraft Recreated As 3D Art Space

In his latest project, animator Alan Becker recreated the world world of Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” in Minecraft. Becker has completed the bath house, the ghost town, the clock tower and railroad, and several other areas from the movie.

Monument-Valley 1

Video Game Lets Players Walk Through MC Escher’s Mind

ustwo London created an iPad game called Monument Valley that uses 3D detailing and features visuals inspired by MC Escher’s optical illusions and Japanese prints.


Children’s Book Lets Readers 3D-Print The Characters

Children’s book LEO The Maker Prince by technology-focused product designer Carla Diana teaches readers about 3D-printing and lets them 3D-print objects and characters from the story. Readers can download the designs from Thingiverse and print them out with a home 3D-printer or 3D-printing service.


Illustrated Alphabet Creates City Out Of Architectural Language

Archibet, one of Barcelona-based illustrator Federico Babina’s architectural illustration projects, reflects the styles of the world’s famous architects and was created using various techniques including 3D modeling and simple hand drawing. Each “building” reflects specific features that point to what makes each architect’s style unique. When put together on a poster, the architectural alphabets create an imaginary city of various shapes and styles.


The Simpsons House As A LEGO Set

LEGO came out with a dollhouse-like set inspired by The Simpsons. The Simsons LEGO set consist of over 2,500 pieces and comes with minifigures of the Simpsons family and their neighbor Ned Flanders. The LEGO set features the famous animated family’s house in great detail.



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