DIY Kit Encourages Makers To Develop Their Own Wearable Tech [CES 2014]

DIY Kit Encourages Makers To Develop Their Own Wearable Tech [CES 2014]

Freescale's WaRP development kit lets people develop and test their own smart watches and more.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 january 2014

With the WaRP development kit by Freescale Semiconductor, people can create and test their own wearable tech devices like smart glasses, smart watches, fitness monitors, and others.

The kit, which is being demoed at CES 2014, includes a small uncased computer that can be used to develop and prototype various types of wearable devices.

WaRP, which stands for “wearable reference platform,” works like the Raspberry Pi but is more suited for devices that don’t require too much power and have wireless connectivity, making them easy to wear on the body. The kit includes key components required in wearable tech devices and is priced at $149, according to a post on PCWorld.

Freescale director of consumer business development for microcontrollers Robert Thompson said the DIY kit “provides the building blocks… that address the key challenges seen by wearable device manufacturers—connectivity, battery life, miniaturization, and usability.”

WaRP is a collaboration between Freescale, software company Kynetics and robotics company Revolution Robotics.


Source: PCWorld

Images: WaRP

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