Drone-Detection Device Fends Off Breaches Of Privacy

Drone-Detection Device Fends Off Breaches Of Privacy

Drone Shield identifies characteristic acoustic signatures of different kinds of drones, sounding an alarm when a threat is looming.

Serena Chu
  • 28 january 2014

Privacy has always been a matter of concern when drones come up in daily conversation, but one start-up has found the solution to avoid potential security breaches. Already a funded Indiegogo campaign, the Drone Shield is a portable black box that listens for drones in the air, and alerts its owner if one is flying near.


Designed to pick up sounds that we can’t hear with the naked ear, this drone-detecting device can identify the characteristic acoustic signatures of different kinds of drones. It is accurate enough to ignore ambient noise created by loud gardening equipments, like lawn mowers and leaf blowers.


With about 130 devices already sold, Drone Shield wants to revamp operations to introduce something more elaborate and marketable. “We’re envisioning installing one of our devices every place you have a security camera,” says Brian Hearing, the co-inventor of Drone Shield. The current model is not sensitive enough to detect military-grade drones, but with some improvements and more sensitive microphones, a professional-grade is definitely a possibility.

If you are alarmed by the increase of security concerns associated with drones, you might want to pick up a Drone Shield for $100. A similar model, the “Hunter’s edition,” goes for $59.

Drone Shield

Source: Fast Coexist


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