Smartphone Case Uses Energy Field To Power Up [Video]

Smartphone Case Uses Energy Field To Power Up [Video]

The Lune smartphone case recycles a phone's electromagnetic energy to alert users of incoming calls.

Serena Chu
  • 13 january 2014

Tech-gadget startup Concepter discovered a way to tap into the force field of electromagnetic energy around our mobile devices, creating a savvy smartphone case that lights up using the phone’s GSM signal. The Lune case can detect incoming calls based on the wavelength of your cell signal and flash a green light for soundless alerts.


Using the phone’s energy field as its only power source, this unique accessory breaks free from the conventional usages of Bluetooth signals and offers a glimpse of what electromagnetic energy can do for users. Future developments will include an ability to identify SMS message signals and light up accordingly.

Concepter made its first appearance at this year’s CES event and has plans of expanding the project on Kickstarter in the upcoming months. Vlad Tiskenko, founder of Conceptor, estimates the price for a Lune case would be around $35. Definitely keep your eyes out for this innovative product; but for now, here is a hands-on video from the CES event -check it out!

Source: MNN, VentureBeat 

Images: VentureBeat

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