Gadgets Manages Homeowners’ Energy Consumption [Pics]

Gadgets Manages Homeowners’ Energy Consumption [Pics]

Monitor your electricity usage in terms of how much it actually costs you.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 january 2014

It’s not just big business that has to be more environmentally-friendly for change to happen, it’s something that has to happen at home as well. That’s why Mathieu Lehanneur has partnered with Schneider Electric to create WISER, a collection of smart devices designed to measure and manage domestic energy consumption in real time.

WISER displays the energy consumption of a residence in euros and enables appliances to be adjusted with ease thanks to smartphone connectivity. By turning energy consumption into something tangible, which would be the money that comes out of your pocket, it’s easier understand and therefore react to how much energy your home consumes.


Lehanneur explained his relationship with energy and environmental awareness by saying that:

Energy is a form of magic. It is simultaneously: my comfort, my light and connects me to the rest of the world! However, out of sight, it is also out of our control. We know that it is precious and rare but we often waste it

From a technical perspective, WISER measures the consumption of each appliance connected by means of sensors. The energy consumption is indicated by zone, appliance, and use, which means unnecessary consumption can be detected and cut off. It’s also possible to choose the most economical times to program certain devices, or to put the whole house on standby from a single button.


Source: DuendePR

Images: Mathieu Lehanneur

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