New Equinox Ads Show The Dangerous Side Of Being In Shape [Video]

New Equinox Ads Show The Dangerous Side Of Being In Shape [Video]

Getting in shape could open up a whole new world of adventure.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 january 2014

The New Year is the time to get in shape, but the fitness and lifestyle company Equinox wants to show how a good workout can help you live a more…provocative life. Created by Wieden+Kennedy New York, their “Equinox Made Me Do It” campaign connects the cause and effect of an Equinox workout, making it clear that a good workout can be a bad influence.

The campaign uses images captured by photographer Robert Wyatt to get its message across; one shot features a close-up of a young man with a black eye, while another captures a naked couple running away in the night. Equinox chose Wyatt because of “his ability to capture real, candid moments rather than overly posed situations made him a perfect fit for this campaign,” said Stuart Jennings, Creative Director for Wieden+Kennedy New York.


Equinox wants exercise to be a gateway to all the indulgent things that come afterwards, something you can get involved with as well by checking out the hashtag #equinoxmademedoit.

“Grounded in the idea of high performance living, we aim to provide our members with a holistic approach to health, and push them to seek higher goals, disrupt preconceived notions and break boundaries. This campaign embodies that disruptive spirit and speaks to our core audience,” said Carlos Becil, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Equinox.


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