Facebook Timeline Hack Replicates The Confusion Of Alzheimer’s Sufferers [Video]

Facebook Timeline Hack Replicates The Confusion Of Alzheimer’s Sufferers [Video]

Alzheimer's Nederland tagged users in photos of events they never attended to let them sympathize with those suffering from the illness.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 january 2014

In their recent awareness campaign, Dutch Alzheimer’s organization Alzheimer Nederland used Facebook to help people understand what it is like to have Alzheimer’s disease.

For the Alzheimer’s Event project, the organization tagged users of the popular social networking site in photos taken at events that they did not attend, creating a sense of confusion for the tagged users. The confusion mimics the feeling of not being able to remember events, places and people — a feeling that those suffering from Alzheimer’s experience all the time.



Alzheimer Nederland worked with image specialists to photoshop images of people into photos from fake events and then used Facebook’s tagging feature to add the photo to the user’s timeline. The group also partnered with existing organizations that willingly posted photos from fake events on their Facebook page.

To kick off the campaign, Alzheimer Nederland tagged Dutch celebrities and influential personalities and also invited people to upload photos of their friends and tag them and spread awareness of the disease.

Check out the video on the campaign below.

Alzeheimer Nederland

Source: Mashable

Images: Alzeheimer Nederland


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