How Female-Friendly Design Could Make Women Buy More Condoms [Pics]

How Female-Friendly Design Could Make Women Buy More Condoms [Pics]

Student design team creates a contraceptive you be happy to keep out in the open.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 january 2014

Current condom packaging design attracts a lot of attention, which can often make them an embarrassing item to buy or keep out in the open. That’s why a group of students from the School of Visual Arts in New York City have designed a new concept aimed specifically at women to make them feel more at ease about purchasing condoms and carrying them around.

To challenge the blush factor associated with the contraceptive, the team made sure the Mine condoms were “packaged in such a way that women will feel more comfortable having them out on their bedside table or in their grocery bags,” commented Mansi Gupta, one the students involved in the project.


Apart from a more neutral design, the team also created a refillable bedside holder that stores condoms and tampons in the same place. By pairing condoms with other everyday personal items, the team figured there would be less potential for shame and anxiety.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), set the challenge for the SVA team, and might also help make Mine a commercial reality. Before any of that happens though, the students need to do more testing, and get feedback on what they’ve come up with so far.


Source: FastCoExist

Images: ProductsofDesign

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