Fendi Drapes Runway In Real Goat Fur [Pics]

Fendi Drapes Runway In Real Goat Fur [Pics]
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The continuous battle between high fashion and animal cruelty rises again.

Serena Chu
  • 15 january 2014

High-fashion is about daring designs and innovative styles with each season more in vogue than the last. For their Men’s Fall collection this year, Fendi has no doubt set the tone for an unordinary fashion show. Instead of building a high-gloss, reflective catwalk, the Italian fashion house tried something different. The brand wrapped the center line with yards of black goat fur.

An impressive collection of detailed accessories, ranging from chunky leather oxfords to handsome duffel bags, were among some of the showstopper pieces.

While Fendi’s fearless usage of fur left fashion-lovers applauding the brilliant performance, PETA members, on the hand, were appalled and enraged by the cruelty of such an excessive display. Given the polarized critiques, do you find the fur runway to be over-the-top?

Here are a few samples from Fendi’s 2014 Fall collection.


Source: WWD, Fashionista

Images: WWD

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