Service Automatically Fights Parking Tickets For Car Owners

Service Automatically Fights Parking Tickets For Car Owners

Recently launched app, Fixed, will contest parking tickets with minimal effort from the offender.

Alan Khanukaev
  • 27 january 2014

Fixed is a recently released app that significantly simplifies the process of appealing a parking ticket by doing most of the work for you.

In 2012, the city of San Francisco issued 1.5 million parking tickets generating over $83 million in revenue. While many were no doubt warranted, it’s safe to assume that some were the result of overly complex rules, convoluted parking signs, or simply erroneously issued.

But regardless of whether they were warranted or not, when contested, up to 50% of tickets are dismissed. While those seem to be pretty good odds, few have the time or energy to research and navigate the similarly complex court system to appeal the claims, but that’s where Fixed comes in.

The app developed out of a particularly frustrating day that the co-founder, David Hegarty, had trying to pay off four parking tickets only to find two more on his car when he got back. After conducting research on how to get his two new tickets dismissed, he realized there must be significant demand to automate the process, and, along with David Senghera and DJ Burdick, set out to figure out how.

Fixed app

After you discover that little unwelcome inconvenience pinned down behind your windshield wiper, Fixed lets you snap a quick picture, provide some basic information, and from there it can go on to contest the ticket on your behalf. Once you enter your information and violation number, Fixed analyzes the violation type and provides the probability of getting it dismissed. To aid in the appeals process, you’re encouraged you to collect further photographic evidence.

Once all the information is in, Fixed takes it from there.  They supplement your evidence with any additional data that might be pertinent, such as the actual slope of the street you were parked on when you received a “wheels not curbed” violation, they prepare the contest letter, and they handle all subsequent correspondence with the courts, requiring minimal effort on your end.

For those of us loathe to go through the hassle of dealing with the court system, Fixed leaves you with almost nothing to lose. If you contest through the app and you win, you pay Fixed 25% of what the fee would’ve been. On the other hand, if you end up losing you pay them nothing. You’re still very much on the hook for the ticket though.

Although exclusively in San Francisco at the moment, the service, despite potential scaling concerns, hopes to eventually go nationwide and expand beyond parking tickets to cover traffic tickets as well as moving violations.


Sources: Techcrunch, Fixed
Images: Parking Ticket by Hello Turkey Toe / CC BY 2.0, Fixed

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