Delivery Service Lets Customers Order Dinner A Year In Advance

Delivery Service Lets Customers Order Dinner A Year In Advance

Busy work schedules no longer have to mean missed lunches or vending machine sandwiches.

Serena Chu
  • 22 january 2014

If you are a hungry entrepreneur who works in Palo Alto, California and has no time to leave the office for some grub, then you might want to seek out the services of Fluc, a food logistics company that will deliver gourmet orders straight to you. When compared to the its online food delivery competitors, this innovative company stands out with its newly unveiled service that allows people or businesses to place delivery orders 365 days in advance.

Fluc’s new service offers the perfect solution for people who are too busy (or lazy) to cook. Instead of alternating between pizza and Chinese food deliveries, people can now order from their favorite restaurants and wait for the company’s “food lovers” to drop the meal off in a special Fluc Box.


“The reason we started Fluc was because we were busy all the time, had no transportation method, and lived in a disgusting Hacker House,” Ahmad told Venturebeat. “We hope to make it really easy for people with demanding schedules to be able to eat well and on time. In addition, we hope to significantly increase revenues for hundreds of big and small restaurants, and we will be able to tell them what to expect so they can project.”

Fluc has set up delivery networks in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Stanford, Atherton, and Mountain View. So if you live or work in any of these areas, be sure to give Fluc a try.


Source: Venturebeat

Images: Flickr

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