Origami Children’s Book Unfolds To Tell The Story

Origami Children’s Book Unfolds To Tell The Story

'Aventures d'un village' reveals eight different stories, depending upon the way that the reader opens up the page.

Kristen Nozell
  • 3 january 2014

‘Aventures d’un village’ is a choose-your-own-adventure book that contains no pages, in the traditional sense. Instead, the book can be read in eight different ways, by unfolding the origami-like structure along the various creases. The village is the one central element, but that village can either turn into a city or a remote lakeside locale, depending on which narrative thread is revealed.


Author and designer Julie Stephen Chheng is a graduate of the Paris Arts Decoratifs School, where she concentrated on Printed Image. ‘Aventures d’un village’ is her second interactive book, the first being ‘Poemes en pieces’, which enables readers to assemble a story from cut-out pieces.

Aventures d’un village’

Source, images: Gizmodo


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