Food Coloring Turns Ski Slope Into A Dripping Canvas [Pics]

Food Coloring Turns Ski Slope Into A Dripping Canvas [Pics]
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Olaf Breuning adds some color to Swiss ski slopes as part of Elevation 1049

Ross Brooks
  • 29 january 2014

Even though freshly fallen snow is beautiful in its own right, Olaf Breuning decided to add a bit of color to the slopes in Gstaad, Switzerland as part of the Elevation 1049 project. Riffing on the way that skiers’ first tracks draw on the mountain scenery, the artist relied on unpredictability and allowed the food coloring to find its own route through the snow.

Breuning’s work leaves a distinctive mark on the mountainside and adds a unique character to the slope that can be seen for miles around. Being exposed to the elements, weather patterns and climate can also affect the overall aesthetic as time passes.


Elevation 1049 is a series of site-specific exhibitions created exclusively by Swiss artists, most of which are positioned in, and defined by the landscape they inhabit. This particular artwork will be on view to the public from now until the 8th March, but you can also get a better look at the technicolor slopes in the attached gallery.

Olaf Breuning

Source: DesignBoom

Images: Olaf Breuning, Stefan Altenburger


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