How Costume Design Became Central In ‘Game Of Thrones’ [Pics]

How Costume Design Became Central In ‘Game Of Thrones’ [Pics]
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Discover the hidden stories behind each character's costume designs.

Serena Chu
  • 16 january 2014

It’s hard to pay attention to a show’s secondary traits when you’re caught up in its intriguing plot, but next time you watch Game of Thrones, be sure to key in on the characters’ costumes – you might be surprised by what you’ll find.

If you didn’t know, the painstakingly-detailed medieval gowns and robes are fashioned by the hands of talented embroider Michele Carragher. Every needle sewn alludes to the show’s storyline, as well as each character’s personality.

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If you can recall Sansa’s wedding dress, it actually contains an embroidered band that tells the story of her life. Dragon-inspired textures make up most of Daenery’s costume, while a multi-colored bird accents Cersei’s gowns. These are just a few examples of how creative the crew behind HBO’s hottest show can be. As the show progresses season to season, you can expect the details of the costumes to evolve with the plot.

Many of us have overlooked the fashion aspect of the show, but you can click through some of the designs here.

Below are a few selections as well, check them out.

Game of Thrones

Source: Reddit

Image: Imgur

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