Blek is a sleek game based on minimalist design that uses flicks and strokes as a fundamental component of the game.

Blek is an addictive new game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that uses the touchscreen gesture itself as an integral part of gameplay. The premise is simple: players must hit the colored circles while avoiding black holes. In order to do so, the player draws a gesture, which will repeat itself once released. The gesture could be as straightforward as a line, or a more complicated pattern that canvases the screen before repeating.

The minimalist interface is nothing short of beautiful, and the accompanying soundscape featuring voice sounds by vocalist and composer Erin Gee contributes to the elegant design. Blek is the first game (hopefully of many) by Austrian sibling duo Kunabi Brother. They describe the game as ‘an open-ended experience with deep, bauhaus-informed design; it offers a space where logics and creativity as well as personal style and temper get to play with each other.’

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