Art Project Develops Photos On Blown Glass [Pics]

Art Project Develops Photos On Blown Glass [Pics]
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Artist Emma Howell combines stunning hand-blown glass bowls with nature photography, creating a unique artform.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 31 january 2014

Some forms of art are meant to be combines, like paper-maiche and sculpture, while others are simply not meant to be mixed, like water colors and pottery. Photography and glass-blowing may initially seem like the latter, but Emma Howell proves that some combinations are worth experimenting with by creating gorgeous photo-imposed glass bowls.

Howell uses a technique called “Wet Plate Collodion” to expose photographs onto the glass bowls she blows herself. The process is a complex one, but Howell places the freshly made bowl covered in photosensitive chemicals into the large camera (as seen below) and when she take a photo, rather than the image imprinting on a piece of film to be developed later, it prints directly onto the glass.


The camera, like the glass bowls used, is a custom creation which includes part of a barrel to keep the glass bowl in place. Unlike most photographers, who can take as many shots as they want until they get it just right, Howell only gets one shot which she won’t see until the development is finished, meaning her bowls can be hit-or-miss. The artist has made a note not to use flat surfaces but curved, rippled ones, which serve as the inspiration for the subject that should be superimposed onto them.

Source: Wired

Images: Emma Howell

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