Glowing Plants Could Create An Electricity-Free Living Room

Glowing Plants Could Create An Electricity-Free Living Room

Bioglow has developed a light-producing plant that glows without the need for chemicals or UV rays.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 january 2014

Biotech company Bioglow has developed the world’s first autoluminescent plant, a light-producing flora that needs no electricity, chemicals or UV rays to glow on its own.

The plant was developed based on the research of molecular biologist Dr. Alexander Krichevsky, whose work was first published in the international peer-reviewed science journal PLOS One back in 2010.

The creation of glowing plants in the past has mostly been achieved through application of dye, chemicals, or UV light. Bioglow’s plants use the same principle used by fireflies and other luminous organisms. That is, their ability to emit light is encoded on a cellular level, allowing the plants to emit light throughout their life cycle.


Dr. Krichevsky teamed up with technology entrepreneur Tal Eidelberg to create the company Bioglow, which has been working for years to increase the luminescence of the light-producing plants. Bioglow’s mission is to create autoluminescent plants or green and sustainable alternatives to electricity-based light sources.

After years of research, Bioglow is releasing its first autoluminescent plant prototype, the Starlight Avatar™. Registration for the auction of twenty autoluminescent plants of the Starlight Avatar™ variety are currently ongoing. The auction will kick off on January 31st and will run for a week.



Source: designboom

Images: Bioglow via designboom

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