High-Tech Goodwill Bins Make For Hassle-Free Donating [Pics]

High-Tech Goodwill Bins Make For Hassle-Free Donating [Pics]
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These donation bins debuting in San Franciscan apartment buildings can encourage more textile recycling with less fuss.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 17 january 2014

If you’ve ever wanted to donate last year’s fashions but don’t have time to lug it all to your local donation center, you might be in luck. Goodwill will begin placing Goodwill goBINTM  units in apartment buildings in San Francisco so residents won’t even have to step outside to donate textiles. The bins were created by the design-firm frog, these bins are easy, clean and require little to no upkeep.

With a clean design, the goBINTM is both inviting and easily visible. With the open-lipped rim, donators don’t have to lift a heavy or dirty lid in order to drop anything off. The open design feature also allows people to see what’s inside and if anyone has thrown garbage in there.

Those who use the bin can still receive a tax refund by using the QR code on the side of the bins to access the form. There is also no number to call for pick-up — the goBINTM has a built-in sensor that alerts Goodwill that it’s time to come empty the bin. This means that the receptacle will never be overflowing nor will building staff have to keep a constant eye on it.


The goBINTM will help reduce the amount of textiles San Franciscans throw in the garbage, which will mean fewer garments in the garbage. The average American throws out about 70 pounds. For San Francisco alone, that’s 4,500 pounds every hour entering landfills.

Goodwill is currently accepting pre-orders for free goBINTM units from local building managers. If all goes well, these bins might make appearances all across the United States in the near future.


Source, Images: designmind

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