Dizzying Grid Tells A Color Story Through Google Earth Shots [Video]

Dizzying Grid Tells A Color Story Through Google Earth Shots [Video]
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Celebrate the launch of the Made in New York Media Center with a digital storytelling initiative.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 january 2014

MPC New York was invited to contribute a generative artwork for the Made in New York Media Center’s high profile launch. “The Color Project” is part of an ongoing R&D concept created by MPC Digital in collaboration with artist Thompson Harrell and will remain on show at the center as one of five permanent installations.

Featured in the video below, ‘The Color Project” focuses on exploring narratives through color, line, and form found in geographic satellite imagery. This installation aims to visualize the locations instrumental to the plots of some of IFP’s most iconic films using one of Google’s most powerful tools. The piece utilizes Google Earth in combination with custom software that records the geographical features of each location, and these images are then presented on an impressive wall of 27 HD screens.

“We hope that viewers walk away from the installation with the curiosity to watch or rewatch these films through a new lens, in which location and color are not only evident in, but also help define the narrative,” Creative Director David Estis tells PSFK.

Masterminded by IFP, the Made in NY Media Center brings together innovators across creative industries, and is dedicated to defining and championing the future of digital storytelling. Its design aims to empower artists by connecting them with resources and audiences that can facilitate the evolution of their art.

IFP / MPC New York


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