Google Demos Glass Games To Inspire Developers [Video]

Google Demos Glass Games To Inspire Developers [Video]

Tennis, a clay shooter and balancing acts are just the beginning.

Lara Piras
  • 31 january 2014

Google Glass is at it again, trying to convince the world why they should want the most talked about product in the industry. This time they’re targeting the gaming world.

The team at Google have released five Mini Games that show off the wearable device’s features, as well as the possibilities that it has for the gaming industry. The simple games include a competition to balance books on your head and a simulated tennis match and show how developers can get involved.


The games are controlled by voice invocation minimizing ‘the time it takes to go from intent to action,’ and also via sensors; users can tilt their head in ‘Balance’ or fire with voice in ‘Clay Shooter.’

What’s important to note here is that Google always presents the capabilities of the Glass functions for the outsiders go ahead and create their own interpretations.

Watch the demo video below:

Images: Google

Sources: Google, VentureBeat

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