Google Visualizes The History Of Popular Music Since The 50s [Pics]

Google Visualizes The History Of Popular Music Since The 50s [Pics]

The Music Timeline is a platform where you can relive popular music from different decades.

Serena Chu
  • 17 january 2014

Music can be appreciated in a multitude of ways, and Google’s new Music Timeline is testimony of that. This multi-colored and multi-faceted visualization documents the popularity fluctuations of different genres and individual artists from 1950 to today.


Analyzing the music libraries of millions of Google Play users, Google put together this interactive graph to help define the peaks and valleys of the music industry in terms of content. If you play around with the features, you will come to discover the sudden explosion of Classic Rock during the 70’s or when Snoop Dog’s career took a massive plummet after his initial album, Doggystyle.

While this system can be considered to be a valuable model of music, you should bear in mind that the depicted data are representations of modern day listeners and not of listeners back then. And because the songs were only drawn from Google Play, the visuals cannot represent the preferences of the greater population of music lovers. But if you put these two caveats aside, the Google Music Timeline is no doubt a very cool visual illustrations of music.

You can play around with the timeline here.

Source: The Atlantic 

Images: Music Timeline


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