Grand Central Hosts Squash Tournament In A Giant Glass Box [Pics]

Grand Central Hosts Squash Tournament In A Giant Glass Box [Pics]

JP Morgan gave commuters a chance to watch the world's best squash players through one-way glass.

Ross Brooks
  • 27 january 2014

Squash is a fast-paced game that can provide hours of entertainment, so why not hold a tournament inside a giant glass box in the middle of Grand Central Terminal? That was the idea JP Morgan came up with for their Tournament of Champions, which created many new fans of the game and brought some much-deserved attention to the sport.

“It is compelling to see the best athletes in any sport compete,” says Beth Rasin, the tournament’s associate director. “But when you put them in a big glass box in the midst of one of the busiest transportation hubs in New York City and one of the world’s great iconic buildings, it is a sight to behold.”


The glass box featured one-way glass so that players could concentrate on the game, but also give spectators a voyeuristic look at the non-stop action. Many people got their places early and camped out for hours at a time to watch the games, but there was also the option of purchasing tickets which were as cheap as $11 during the opening nights.

Tournament of Champions

Source: UntappedCities

Images: Ben Helmer for UntappedCities

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