Photo App Always Shoots Perfect Horizontal Videos

Photo App Always Shoots Perfect Horizontal Videos

No more smartphone videos that feature an excess of vertical black space.

Ross Brooks
  • 23 january 2014

Vertical Videos Syndrome,” also known as VVS, is a condition you can see all over YouTube, and it happens because people choose to shoot their videos in portrait mode. Evil Window Dog, the developers of a new app to fix the affliction have described it as “the worst type of video a human being can lay eyes on.”

The developer’s $0.99 app fixes this problem by eliminating the wasted black space associated with VVS. Videos shot with the app always appear in landscape mode regardless of how the device is held.


Horizon uses your iOS device’s gyroscope to automatically level videos as you shoot, with a few different levelling modes to choose from that also affect the size of the frame. If you want to pretend the floor is a wall, you can also shoot portrait-style and have it come out as a properly landscaped video.

Apart from ensuring you don’t butcher your videography before it even goes online, the app offers a variety of other options that include nine Instagram-style filters, along with settings for shooting in different resolutions and aspect ratios. The company’s hope is that they can rid the world of VVS.

Evil Window Dog

Source: Mashable

Images: Evil Window Dog


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