Activity-Tracking App Renders Fitness Bands Obsolete

Activity-Tracking App Renders Fitness Bands Obsolete

Human's latest update makes it even easier to stay healthy without data overload.

Ross Brooks
  • 31 january 2014

We first introduced you to Human, a passive iOS app designed to help you stay healthy, last September. It encourages you to solidify the habit of moving for 30 minutes every day, instead of tracking every aspect of your fitness and overloading you with data. The good news is that the app just received its first major update, which includes some pretty cool features.

“First and foremost, the update is a massive upgrade to our tracking system,” said co-founder and CEO Renato Valdés Olmos in an interview with TechCrunch. “Apart from improved accuracy and battery life, Human now also tracks indoor and stationary activity, as long as you have your phone on you.”


None of these updates change the basic principle; once you’ve set everything up, you can forget all about it. You will get a push notification every time you reach a goal, but that’s only to let you know that you’ve done enough to stay healthy. What the updates do affect is the number of activities that can be tracked, which now includes dancing and other indoor activities.

There update also includes a few more pieces of information, plus you can see your streak and get badges, but as long as the app stays simple it will continue to set itself apart from the other fitness apps that emphasize in-depth analysis.


Source: TechCrunch

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