15,000 Pound Ice Pickup Truck Actually Drives

15,000 Pound Ice Pickup Truck Actually Drives

Canadian Tire creates a moving sculpture to celebrate winter in Canada.

Ross Brooks
  • 2 january 2014

If you thought the life-sized Lego car that came out late last year was creative, then you’ll love this 15,000 pound ice truck that you can get behind the wheel of. Created by Iceculture sculpting house for a Canadian Tire commercial, the truck was completed just as Eastern Canada was experiencing one of the worst ice storms in recorded history.

The ice truck started its life in Texas as a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, the same place where Bronson Automotive stripped the cab and body before lowering the engine bay’s height and width. To support the huge amount of weight that was about to be added, the Silverado also received a custom made steel frame from Pick Me Productions in Ontario, Canada. Finally, Custom ice pieces were cut by Iceculture using a CNC machine, with water used as the welding material to hold the slabs together – additional fans were also used to blow the engine heat away from the frozen body.


Three trucks were created in total: One as a prototype, the other as a show vehicle for various advertising clients, and the third as a working model for commercials. After shooting the commercial, the working model was disassembled and shipped back to Iceculture’s studios in Hensall, Ontario. It was then reassembled for a mile long drive as part of an attempt to set a new category Guinness world record. With its job done, the ice truck was then left to melt over the course of a 40 hour period. Check out the video below to see it in action.



Sources: GizMag, Inhabitat

Images: Iceculture


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