Intel May Soon Offer Offline Voice Recognition For Phones

Intel May Soon Offer Offline Voice Recognition For Phones

Intel is currently developing a chip that will allow phones to process voice commands without having to relay them to the cloud.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 30 january 2014

Siri was not only an unmatched technological innovation, it was a cultural phenomenon that changed how people viewed interactions with technology. While Apple may have been the first to make waves in the field of voice recognition utility, Intel is working on ways to make it better. The California-based computer chip company is working on Jarvis, a processing system that can work without connecting to the Cloud.

The problem is that smartphones are currently not powerful enough to allow for faster, cloud-less responses. While all Android phones have been equipped with offline voice recognition since the 4.1 version, it was experimental and could be not be used by non-Google apps.


The biggest issue with voice commands is the wait that follows. The device either needs to process the command or send out the request to be processed elsewhere, which is what Siri does. This new design would include a powerful microchip that could listen and respond without needing any sort of connection but would be small enough to fit in a phone. The company has partnered with a currently unknown company to further develop the technology. The natural evolution of Intel’s plan is for voice-command enabled gadgets that will be able to respond to commands almost instantly.

There are currently no estimates on when Jarvis-enabled phones will appear on the market or how far along Intel is in its development of the chip, so you’ll still have to wait a couple of seconds for your iPhone to locate the nearest coffee shop.


Source: Quartz

Images: Clive Darra, MingLu Xu

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