Giant Bubble Changes Color And Shape As Visitors Walk Through [Video]

Giant Bubble Changes Color And Shape As Visitors Walk Through [Video]
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A tactile and visual experience combines both art and entertainment.

Serena Chu
  • 7 january 2014

Toyko-based design studio Team Lab built a labyrinth of floating colors at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in China. This hypnotic display of chroma, sound and luminescence, entitled “Homogenizing and Transforming World,” dictates the interior space of the center in sheer wonder, and envelopes visiting admirers in a world of mesmerizing glowing globes.


Suspended in the air and hovering above the floor, the giant orbs of color, in reaction to human contact and subtle movements, will change in color and take on new characteristics.

To coordinate the motion responses, Team Lab set up a wireless connection that binds the floating orbs together, essentially creating an intricate network of exaggerated paper lanterns.


As part of the exhibit Distilling Sense: A Journey Through Art and Technology in Asia, this surreal, interactive installation is an example of how modern day information bounces and spreads back and forth between people and objects. Open until January 14th, this fascinating exhibit welcomes anyone with an appreciation for contemporary art.

For a taste of this imaginative project, take a look at the video below.

“Homogenizing and Transforming World”

Source: Designboom 

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